“Grey Wolves” Attack Leftist Center in Vienna

On Thursday evening, several hundreds of Turkish fascists of the “Grey Wolves” attacked the Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus (EKH) in Vienna-Favoriten. As ANF reports, the left-wing center was pelted with bottles and incendiary devices. A fire even broke out on the roof. The mob showed the wolf salute and tried to kick in the doors of the EKH.

The restaurant of the Federation of Democratic Workers’ Associations of Turkish origin (DIDF), which is directly adjacent to the EKH, was also attacked. ANF further reports that members of the association had defended themselves with flagpoles.

According to reports from Twitter users, the local police were overtaxed. “For many minutes, nothing could be seen of the police – no policeman & no car ventured into Wielandgasse. It took a quarter of an hour until the residents were out of danger. The street was a field of rubble, smoke in the air, facades & cars damaged”, writes the user Antifa-Prinzessin.

“The whole street in front of the house is full of splinters after the fascist attack. In the meantime the police has closed the street. A window was broken, but the fascist attack was fended off”, journalist Michael Bonvalot reports on Twitter. There were twelve criminal charges, but no arrests.

Clashes already the day before

Already on Wednesday there were clashes at a rally against the killing of three Kurdish activists who were killed in a Turkish drone attack in Kobanê. The police speak of a “heated and aggressive atmosphere”.

When the pro-Kurdish demonstrators withdrew into the EKH, the Turkish attackers threatened to enter the building. As the group was growing steadily, the police had to call for reinforcements. When trying to prevent an attack, they were arrested.

AvEG-Kon calls for solidarity

The Confederation of Oppressed Migrants in Europe (AvEG-Kon) condemns the attack with the following words: “Neither the attacks in Turkey, in Rojava, nor here in Europe can stop us. We call on all left and revolutionary people to show solidarity. Our resistance is stronger than their hateful and coward attacks.”

It’s not the first time that the EKH became the target of right-wing extremist attacks. In October 2013, neo-Nazis stormed the building and beat up a board member of the Communist Trade Union Initiative-International. The attack by Turkish nationalists is no news either: On July 30, 2016, they stormed the EKH and set a fire in the building. The left-wing centre was owned by the Communist Party of Austria and houses various anti-fascist and solidarity organisations.