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Alerta is an online blog, which offers current information about left-wing and anti-fascist politics, history and culture. Our main focus is on Spain, but we do not limit ourselves to one country. Our aim is to present the debates in left discourse and explain the necessary socio-cultural context to make the views more understandable. For this reason we also offer an encyclopedia on our homepage, which provides the necessary background information. Furthermore, there is an archive of the Royal Bavarian Antifa to be found. We do not pursue a specific left political agenda, but focus on the plurality of left discourses.


As head of department in the Royal Bavarian Antifa, the “Roter Stofferl” had already written several times about Spanish topics. However, as Facebook is not the right platform for more detailed texts, the idea was born to prepare the necessary information more clearly and in more detail on a separate homepage. In order to ensure the comprehensibility of the articles, a detailed encyclopedia was planned from the beginning, which would explain individual parties and organisations in more detail. The linked entries should make the texts more readable.

Over time, the idea matured more and more and was finally implemented step by step. To address a larger audience, a multilingual homepage was planned from the beginning. Not only left-wing niche topics, for which there is little or no information in German, should benefit from alerta.blog, but also current discussions, debates and news that are usually lost outside the country. Together with an extensive encyclopedia, alerta.blog will provide more than just leftist news – but a collection of leftist and anti-fascist history and stories, supplemented by the fund of the Royal Bavarian Antifa.