Critically uncritical – Pablo Iglesias’ Self-Criticism

“Self-criticism” – when Pablo Iglesias puts this word in his mouth, it sounds artificial, even unnatural. It doesn’t suit him and his image. Iglesias is the master, the basis his students. They learn from him and not vice versa. And yet he was taught a painful lesson that could have a domino effect: Podemos will at best be able to close the curtain on the political stage, because the show is over.

Already last year, the catastrophic loss of votes in the local elections indicated that something was not going right in the party. Iglesias commented: “The results were bad, now we have to be self-critical.” Yesterday’s regional elections in Galicia and Euskadi were again poor results. Massive losses of votes in the Basque Country and Galicia even caused the Unidas Podemos branch “En Común” to leave the Xunta. Over 220 000 votes were lost. Pablo Iglesias demands “self-criticism”.

But what should this self-criticism look like? The left regionalist parties like BNG in Galicia or EH Bildu in the Basque Country seem to be a better alternative for left-wing voters. This is understandable, after all the eternal disputes within Podemos and regional offshoots point to a fragile party in which one does not simply place one’s trust. And this is symptomatic of Podemos, which is demonstrating an incredulous unity with the PSOE at national level and is falling apart in the autonomies like houses of cards in a wind tunnel. There is a lack of sustainable concepts and capable personnel who can do more than just talk in platitudes.

In any other party, the Secretary General should have resigned in view of the disastrous election results of recent months. But Podemos is not like any other party – for better or worse. This is now costing them dearly.