Correos has published a LGBTI stamp for Pride-Month

In these days, you might encounter a mail van in rainbow colours in Spanish cities. Spanish Mail (Correos) has come up with something special for Pride-Month June: It is celebrating diversity together with the LGBTI community. This will be celebrated with a special rainbow-colored stamp, for example.

“Not only yellow” is the slogan of Correos for Pride Month

On the homepage, it is advertised with “Get your stamp, so that the celebration of all colours goes everywhere”. The motto of the campaign is: “Not only yellow!”, refering to the usual Correos colour. There is also a dedication to the Pasaje Begoña alley in Torremolinos on the stamp. The alley in the south of Spain is often referred to as the “Spanish Stonewall”, because LGBTI people were able to find refuge in the alley from the discrimination and oppression of the Franco dictatorship.

A raid took place on 24 June 1971, in which 300 people were arrested in the end. It is considered one of the most serious attacks on sexual freedom in the 20th century. Correos pays tribute to this place of freedom with the words “cradle of LGTBI rights”.

The action had cost the Spanish postal service around 12 500 euros. This point was taken up by the right-wing extremists: The chairman of the right-wing extremist party Vox, Santiago Abascal, twittered: “There is no money for respirators, or short-time work salaries. Criminal government!” To this he added a photo of a mail van with rainbow-coloured print.

His allusion that the government would spend money on LGBTI propaganda was quickly contradicted by Twitter users*. Within just three days, Correos was able to recoup its expenses without any problems. Currently, some stamp packs are even sold out.