Protests against the closing of Nissan plants in Catalonia

Nissan wants to close its plants in Catalonia. Around 3000 workers are affected by the closure of the three plants. To demonstrate their dissatisfaction, they have started protesting. The Generalitat wants to save what can be saved with a dedicated work plan.

The protesters have erected barricades and set car tires on fire.

Yesterday, it was announced that Nissan will close its plants in Barcelona, Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca. This means that no less than 3000 workers will lose their jobs and indirectly up to 25.000 subcontractors will be affected.

This week, Nissan workers demonstrated in front of the Japanese Consulate and Plaça de Sant Jaume in Barcelona, among other places, to prevent the closure of the factory. Neither the workers nor the administrations are willing to accept Nissan’s withdrawal from Catalonia without a fight, despite the company’s official announcement.

The government has accused Nissan of embezzlement. The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, declared that he had spoken with the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, in order to find a common solution with a work plan in the face of this “unfair news”: Nissan workers and subcontractors have gathered to protest against these circumstances. Burning barricades made of car tires have been erected in some places. The displeasure is great, the next days will show if the Nissan factories can still be saved.

In the United Kingdom in particular, the news of the closure of the Nissan plants was followed closely: In February, the Japanese automaker announced it was closing one plant in Sunderland. Now, however, it appears that the English site will be saved by closing the plants in Catalonia. Brexiteers now see it confirmed that the retainers were wrong in their fears that international companies would migrate due to Brexit.