Right-wing extremist attacks on Minister Yolanda Díaz and Podemos politician Juan Carlos Monedero

In the last few days there have been two right-wing extremist attacks on left-wing personalities in Spain. On the one hand the Minister of Labour Yolanda Díaz (Izquierda Unida) was affected and on the other hand the journalist Juan Carlos Monedero, who is a member of Podemos.

Yolanda Diáz (IU) and Juan Carlos Monedero (Podemos) were victims of right-wing extremist attacks
Ministry of the Presidency. Government of Spain
Podemos/CC BY 3.0

Díaz took part in a presentation of the city of Toledo, when around twenty bullfighting workers protested in front of the building. They asked the minister to resign and insulted her as a “whore” and “shameless”. When Díaz finally left the presentation and set off in her official car, the demonstrators beat the car and broke a mirror. The car had to be repaired before Díaz could leave Toledo.

After the attack, the minister received a lot of support from different political camps. For example, Gabriel Rufián, Member of Parliament for the Catalan Left Republicans (ERC), sent a virtual hug via Twitter. The reaction of Inés Arrimadas, chairman of the right-wing liberal Ciudadanos, caused a small shitstorm. Although she declared her solidarity with Yolanda Díaz on Twitter, she began by saying that it was precisely this violence that Podemos had been calling for for years or at least justified.

Juan Carlos Monedero, known as the host of the programme “En la frontera”, was also the victim of a right-wing extremist attack. He was in a bar in Cádiz when a group identifying themselves as members of Vox shouted “Get out you fucking faggot”. Monedero posted the attack on Twitter, where he also explains that the right-wing extremists’ plan was unsuccessful.

Reactions from Vox

The extreme right-wing party Vox has not remained silent on either attack. On the contrary, Monedero was replied on Twitter from the party’s official channel that “the Spanish people are fed up with you, who are a group of thugs and mafiosi, friends of terrorists and drug dictatorships that you are funded by cartels and Islamist countries. That Vox itself received millions of dollars in donations from Iran in its early days is something the party prefers to keep quiet about at this point.

The attack on Yolanda Díaz also did not go uncommented: Vox MP Luis Gestoso responded to Rufián’s tweet to Díaz by saying that bullfighting in Spain is better left alone. MP Macarena Olona justified the violence against Díaz by saying: “They have brought misery and misfortune to Spain. College theorists play politics with our lives. There is no ideology in these cries. There is desperation. You continue with your ‘everything is ultra-right’. “Tick-tock, tick-tock.”

The torrero Jesús Talavan, who was present at the protests against Díaz in Toledo, posted a video on Twitter and commented: “The minister of labor, Yolanda Díaz, flees without looking back. She has no shame. She neither listens to the request for a meeting nor to its citizens. Only because she is against bullfighting. She steals our rights!”