“The Police also Kill here” – Wall in Barcelona painted over

The #BlackLivesMatter protests have also sparked debates about racism and police violence outside the USA.

In Barcelona, for example, there was the Black Wall Movement, organized by the artist El Xupet Negre. Besides many pictures on the black wall, among other things, a list of names of immigrants murdered by the police since the 1990s was on display. The headline read: “The police kill here too”.

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When a patrol of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police) saw the list, they wanted to know the names of the anonymous artists to report them and have them paint over the artwork. But nobody gave out the names and they refused to erase the list.

A few days later, instead of the names, there was a black wall. It was actually painted over. “The time for beautiful pictures is over”, the artists* said at the end.