Bayernpartei – what is going on at your Miesbach district association?

In your Bavarian separatism there is room for all kinds of things, sometimes you are allies and sometimes you are opponents of the ecologists; sometimes you defend Liberalitas and then you are arch-conservative opponents of emancipation… But right-wing extremist, German conspiracy theories? This is incompatible with Bavarian patriotism!

In Miesbach, a district administrator is running for the Bavarian party. Apparently, the district administrator’s office has taken away his weapons because he is suspected of representing Reichsbürger ideology. The candidate distances himself and then speaks at the constellation meeting of German and soldierly virtues – as if there were something more Prussian, more dangerous than German, soldierly virtues!

His distancing, however, seems hypocritical to us mainly because on the list for the district council a few places behind him there is a citizen of the Reich well known in the district, who with his brown theories has already attracted the attention of the Holzkirchen CSU and the Miesbach anti-genetic engineering alliance “Zivilcourage”.

So once again: What is going on in your district? Are you being infiltrated by citizens of the Reich? Do you need help?

Lisa Stein, RBA department for participating enemy observation