Conflict between USA and Iran: Against any damned fascism

Who will breathe a sigh of relief that General Soleimani is dead? Dissidents, feminists and secularists from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. He was a Shiite Osama bin Laden with a state budget and a flag.”
Asra q. Nomani
Muslim suffragette.

We find it astonishing once again how difficult it is for large sections of the Left to endure political contradictions. Who is the victim, who is the perpetrator, when a proto-fascist in the White House has one of the worst military henchmen of a murderous regime blown up? Is the death of Soleimani now US imperialist aggression or karmic justice?

Of course, intuitively, the German-leftist enemy image of the USA is used first, because there is something familiar about it that you can stick to, because of oil and all. But, unfortunately, on second glance the Islamist mullah regime is not really suitable as a sympathetic figure, whom the left-wingers would like to publicly defend all too loudly. And already the sweat is on the German left’s brow.

Of course there are also the usual suspects who don’t need to think twice because their positions have become a brain-dead affect in recent years: Left-wing “anti-imperialists” who are not too bad to jump on any rogue as long as it is against “America”, and right-wing anti-German “ideology critics” who would like it best if Trump had wiped Iran off the world map with all its nuclear weapons. Between them, sits a broad block of leftists who, out of helplessness and excessive demands, mentally retreats to the calendar saying that war is bad and the civilian population always suffers. One has to look for reasonable left-wing analyses in the whole thing with the burning glass.

A central misconception seems to us to be that a serious geopolitical arms race is threatening here. Neither the USA nor the Iranian regime has any interest in a full-scale war. Both sides have an interest in a limited escalation with lots of sabre-rattling.

In Iran, the last few months have seen the largest anti-mullah mass protests in 40 years. The Iranian regime has made the experience that hardly anything influences the domestic political climate as much as a national threat scenario from the USA. The regime has been given the pretext by Trump here to carry out a few smaller regional military actions and can thus present strength and determination to the outside world in the face of its own population in order to blur the impression of a crumbling power position.

In the USA, an elected president was impeached for the fourth time in 250 years. Trump has less than half of the population behind him, tending to continue to crumble. And this just before his crucial second election. A small-scale escalation of the situation in the Middle East is just what he needs. There is no real risk for the US, he can present himself as a determined protective power of Israel and bring dithering republicans back to his line. Putin, on the other hand, can present himself, as he did in northern Syria with the Kurds, as the actually sensible new protective and peace power in the Middle East, replacing the USA in its role as world policeman.

By the way, there’s no need for mumbling about backroom conspiracies here, of course Trump and Mullahs didn’t meet for coffee in the Bilderberg canteen to negotiate this thing. Both sides are able to understand, even without communication, that this is about mutually beneficial geopolitical messing around. It is enough to refer to the last blueprint of Trump’s foreign policy, when Trump rolled out the carpet in Rojava to threaten with “retaliation” and in the end to nod off the Turkish invasion of Rojava in a friendly manner. Because the “government” Trump is not interested, and we would like to emphasize this, NOT in a US imperialist expansion of power or “the oil”.

Trump is not a US president like the US presidents before him, Trump is a proto-fascist. His power is growing through destabilization, and this includes strengthening murderers and dictators and weakening the geopolitical influence of the USA in the Middle East. If some people have forgotten, the strongest criticism of the US withdrawal from Rojava came from the right-wing conservative wing of his own party, because they understood much better than the German left that Trump had taken a running start at the back of their own geopolitical interests.

In all likelihood there will be no war and, paradoxically, it is precisely those who are most vocal in warning against such a war that are falling into the trap of the warmongers.

It is good that Soleimani is dead, it would be desirable in principle that the whole Islamist mullah regime would be struck overnight, it would not be a bad thing.

It sucks that Trump is effectively strengthening only himself and the Iranian regime with this action. He must be urgently removed from office in the coming months and locked up for the rest of his life.

Who really wanted to support the Iranians* in this situation, was today in Hamburg at the exile-Iranian demonstration against the regime-Iranian “commemoration evening for the heroic martyrs”, in order to prevent that the Islamist mullahs lie unchallenged and publicly dirty murderers to dead heroes. We join the hope of our anarchist comrades in Iran:

“We reiterate that the contemporary Middle East is shaped by wars, massacres, displacement, and famine because of religious fanatics and terrorists on the one hand and the interference of international capitalists and backers (Eastern and Western imperialism) on the other.

We hope all of these religious terrorists are killed as soon as possible and these murderous state governments will be destroyed so that the people of the Middle East live again in peace and prosperity”.