Nazis: Between ritual child abuse and ritual murder legends

“We see the connection between right wing fascist groups and these sexual violence groups. So that all these structures, they are mixed together.”
Michaela Huber

After Xavier Naidoo’s delusional video about alleged paedophile networks of “US elites” who would kidnap and torture thousands of children in secret tunnels for “adrenochrome extraction”, one of fascism’s favourite propaganda lies is now viral again: ritual murder legends.

Ritual murder legends have an anti-Semitic background

This fairy tale, which is now thousands of years old, serves to place certain groups in society under suspicion of infanticide, whether these are “the Jews” or “democratic elites”. These groups are thus to be demonized and become the target of “just popular anger”.

If you take a quick look into the disgusting right-wing extremist swamp of German-speaking conspiracy theory groups such as “Q-Anons – Deep State, Conspiracies, Dark Cabal”, then it becomes clear that sheer anti-Semitic mania is the glue that holds together the individual confused conspiracy theories to form a world view, with the names “Rothschild”, “Soros”, “Israel” or “financial elites” constantly being mumbled about as the backers of the imagined crimes above the fairy tales.

Directly or indirectly it is still “the Jews” who are believed to be able to “control the world economy”, “control pandemics” and also “to kidnap and slaughter our children”.

The perfidious thing about it: Ritual child abuse is a very real and terrible fact. For a long time its victims were ridiculed and psychopathologized because their stories about their abuse sounded like conspiracy theories. But in the last ten years there has been a lot of research. It is becoming clear that fascism not only uses the ritual murder legend as a propaganda lie, but that fascists are to a striking extent even in and behind the networks of real ritual child abuse.

Examples here are the “Colonia Dignidad” in Chile, where a German right-wing extremist sect abused and maltreated children for decades. And also among the right-wing extremist murderers of the NSU, children’s things and paedo-criminal photos were found. So the fascists are very actively involved in creating those victims of abuse, who then have to serve as evidence for the “satanic conspiracies” of “democrats”, “elites” and “Jews”.

This is not new, but proven practice of fascism, namely to impute to its opponents those atrocities which fascism itself carries on. Thus fascists present themselves again and again as fighters against “foreign” drug trafficking, but are themselves in many areas directly involved in the trade with meth. So fascists accuse their opponents* of sinister conspiracies, but even in their ideology they are the real conspirators against democracy and the rule of law.

“We must take this seriously: These are deeply anti-democratic structures.”

The reasons for the overlap between fascism and ritual child abuse are obvious. The perpetrator’s environment is almost always the own family, which is either directly involved in the abuse, or at least knowingly accepts it, when it happens through others. It is always about a sadistic will to power, total control over the life of another person, a helpless child.

The ideologies that are created by abusive groups around such “rituals” resemble in their principles and forms quite strikingly fascist ideology: exaggerated elitist self-confidence, pseudo-esoteric striving for power, devaluation of the surrounding and outside world as hostile, dirty or inferior, equating violence and strength, hardening through violence, indoctrination of one’s own members.

“I always say that in the bottom of the pit all this sexual exploitation is fascist.”

So when fascists cry out for “elites” to murder our children, be aware that they lie until they make it true themselves.

Solidarity with victims – hate and contempt for the perpetrators.