The SauRiassl Syndicate – Anarchist housing projects in Upper & Lower Bavaria

In the middle of the very conservative district of Altötting, a momentous idea was born in 2007: Why not buy two houses at risk of demolition together, fix them up together and then realise a housing project in solidarity, where financial interests are not the main concern? That is the basic idea behind the Altöttinger Mieterkonvent e.V., which is part of the nationwide tenant housing syndicate.

Living and having fun together.

Their support and expertise made the project possible, says AMK co-founder Marcel Seehuber. He explains in an interview with KBA that the project has been particularly fruitful in Altötting. “There has always been a lot of subculture here and that fits in very well with Horst Stowasser’s project anarchism.” Therefore, the AMK does not pursue a particular theory of anarchism, but rather the self-organized project is the focus of attention. This also means that one has to follow the rules of the system to some extent, but these can be extended far.

For example, the houses were bought collectively through loans. The money came from friends and relatives, for example, or from solidarity concerts. After the houses were renovated, 17 apartments were ready for occupancy. The AMK e.V. is a registered house association and organized accordingly. Each tenant is a member of the association and has rights and duties. Decisions are made jointly, for example who may move in. “We no longer want to pay rent to strangers who own the houses, but to ourselves,” says Seehuber. Although the residents pay their relatively cheap monthly rent, the apartments are in fact their own. In addition, the aim is to live as self-sufficiently and as resource-sparingly as possible. Therefore, there is a common washroom or a low-energy wood chip heating system with solar hot water heating.

It was quickly apparent that the first project was a complete success. Therefore the board of directors of AMK around Marcel Seehuber and David Pietzka spun the idea further: What would be, if you build up your own network with a regional syndicate? Together with Ulrike Bubl the SauRiassl Syndicate was born in 2018.

Of course, regional housing projects will continue to be dealt with, such as in Niedertaufkirchen (district of Mühldorf) or in Wurmannsquick (district of Rottal-Inn). At the same time, however, other projects will also be tackled. The agricultural project “Pulse of the Earth” in Polling (Mühldorf district) is almost integrated into the syndicate. There are many different projects possible, which are being considered, said Seehuber. “It is important that the projects are really limited to the region. And we do indeed receive many inquiries. We’re currently working on the new structures and how we can integrate them.”

More information on the organisation and projects of the Altöttinger Mieterkonvent e.V. or the SauRiassl Syndicate can be found on the Internet at