Ingolstadt: Left solidarity with anti-Israeli propaganda?

When some weeks ago the “Antifascist Youth Augsburg (AJA)” published a historical-revisionist jubilation contribution on the occasion of the “Nakba”-myth (Arab defeat in the war of independence against Israel), we decided to ignore it as far as possible. We didn’t want to give a stage to the obviously anti-Israeli historical revisionism of an “anti-imperialist” small group. But we were glad that the Junges Forum DIG HG Augsburg as well as our comrades from Linksjugend ‘solid Augsburg, Grüne Jugend Augsburg and Jusos Augsburg immediately distanced themselves publicly from this dirt and the group behind it.

Our decision confirmed that the only “solidarity” for the ahistorically distorted “anti-Zionism” of the AJA was to be heard from the usual circle of trivial anti-imps micro-groups. All in all, therefore, expected lies from an expectable corner, which could have easily been left to political irrelevance. If, yes, if not our former colleagues of LARA “La Resistance” – Ingolstadt of all people would have gotten up a week ago to seriously and “solidarily” help out with this dirt.

According to her own statement, LARA wants to be able to recognise “no anti-Semitism” in the AJA’s “Nakba” article. When there is talk of “Zionist armies” that suddenly occupy “75% of historical Palestine” and carry out massacres by “Zionist terror groups” and “with the support of the British” have driven out “almost a million Palestinians”, then we have to ask ourselves what kind of historical picture LARA has of the Middle East in the years 1945 to 1950. Israel had founded its state and the Palestinians were “still faced with nothing”. “Expulsion, robbery, occupation and apartheid” would prevail “until today”, the “right of return” was denied to the Palestinians. LARA does not seem to notice how one anti-Semitic propaganda topos after the other is strung together here.

Not a word about the fact that in the AJA’s description of the “Nakba” there are historical gaps of the size of the Gaza Strip. That before the “Nakba” an anti-Semitic war of annihilation against Israel was waged by the Arab regimes with the publicly declared aim of “driving the Jews into the sea”. That it was the Arab regimes who refused to establish their own Palestinian state because they would rather wipe Israel off the map. That the approximately 700,000 Palestinians who had fled were only partially expelled by the Israeli army; many left their villages as a preventive measure for fear of the fighting, others were ordered to flee by the attacking Arab troops. The fact that in many areas there was no displacement at all, and therefore today every fifth Israeli citizen is a Palestinian Arab. That the “refugee status” of the expelled Palestinians is artificially maintained by the Arab regimes until today, instead of guaranteeing them citizenship, so that the Palestinians are held hostage and a bargaining chip for anti-Israeli policy. That the unreserved “right of return” is understood by all experts as a clear anti-Israeli threat against the State of Israel. That during the “Nakba” not only 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from Israel, but also 850,000 Jews fled or were expelled from Arab countries. And this is only a glimpse into the pages of history that are knowingly kept silent in the “Nakba” myth to keep hatred against Israel burning for 72 years. We find “solidarity” with such malicious fairy tales abysmally disgusting, it is the deliberate refusal to think, pure resentment.

“In the [poor Jewish] ghetto [of Tunis] it was never denied that Muslims [in the war of independence] fought for the end of their misery in a completely justified way.
But the Arab Jews had also been colonised, subjugated, humiliated, threatened and from time to time massacred. And by whom? Isn’t it time our answer was finally heard: by the Muslim Arabs.”

Albert Memmi
Arab-Jewish socialist

So we would like to know from LARA’s colleagues how one can stick one’s political head so deeply into the “anti-imperialist” sand that one can recognize “no anti-Semitism” in such a blueprint of anti-Israeli lie propaganda. We would like to know which anti-Semitism concept LARA uses as a basis for their political work when they reject the 3D test against anti-Semitism because of “unscientificity”. Whether anti-Semitism is more a matter of taste for LARA. We would also like to know who LARA considers to be the supporters of “the Palestinian freedom struggle” with whom they want to show solidarity. Which groups carry this “Palestinian freedom struggle” in your view? The murderous “socialists” of the PFLP? The extermination-anti-Semitic Hamas? The Islamist Hezbollah?

And finally, we from LARA would like to know whether we should understand this “declaration of solidarity” as your political self-positioning. But then we would like to draw conclusions from it.

Never make peace with anti-Israel propaganda.
Never again.